Pensees Releases ‘Tomorrow’

Russian future-garage producer Pensees last week released the 8-track album ‘Tomorrow‘, available now on all major digital streaming services. Pensees has a catalogue of work available for streaming via their Bandcamp page, stretching back to their earliest public release BeatShivers (ft. Iustina) by Pensees & Aether, released May 2015. [ethereumads]

Aether Releases ‘Places We Never Went Together’

Scottish producer Aether last week revealed their latest work, the 4-track ambient EP ‘Places We Never Went Together‘. Featuring veteran Saxophonist Cuff Malloy on the opening track ‘Italy’, the EP revolves around a past relationship and a dream to set foot in foreign land, to adventure, explore and embrace the landscape alongside one another. “A …

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