Masterclass With Oscuro

 It’s been some time since we last organised a masterclass session, in fact it’s been a while since we last wrote anything. Nonetheless, we’re here now with another Insight exclusive masterclass session with Cambridgeshire producer Oscuro. We take a behind the scenes look at the songwriting process that has made Oscuro who he is today.

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Our 10th anniversary ambient future garage album 'X' on 12" vinyl record at Chris Pavey Mastering Studios.

Presenting ‘X’ – Our 10th Year Anniversary Album

Heavily inspired by the sounds of ambient, chillwave and future garage, Insight Music celebrate their 10th year anniversary with a truly special 10-track compilation album. Echoing the sounds of underground electronica genres, ‘X’ features unrivalled music from artists such as South London’s very own future garage icon Vacant, to Moscow’s rising wave producer and DJ Sibewest. Arriving on

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