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Released in September 2022, 'Distant' is a 12-track album by Philichordia.

Philichordia Releases 12-track album ‘Distant’ on Insight

Arizona-based producer Philichordia releases their 12-track album ‘Distant’ on Insight Music. We welcome Philichordia to the Insight label with their latest album release ‘Distant’. Featuring a mix of electronica genres and artists such as Felimos, Soular Order and Ivmeadows, the album focuses around the ‘Drum & Bass’ style, a genre not yet recognised on the …

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Soular Order Releases ’01/21 (A Live Album for Jamuary)’

Established Manchester-based ambient producer Soular Order has released his latest 7 track live album recording for our listening pleasure.   There is something uniquely pure about sitting down and playing music with little to no prior thought or goal except to make something beautiful. Soular Order is an artist I personally have followed for years, …

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Pre-Order ‘Entropy’ by Soular Order

The latest work from Soular Order arrives later this month, with their forthcoming album ‘Entropy’ arriving on Thursday 29th October.   Known across the community for their incredible drive and passion for promoting underground musical genres. Jon Maynard, AKA Soular Order, has inspired countless listeners and artists alike with his incredible production style and creativity. …

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‘Saorsa’ 12 Months On

This week we celebrate the 12 month anniversary of our 14 track compilation album ‘Saorsa‘, released on the 30th October 2017.   The album features music from some of the most inspirational producers of the underground scene such as Ambyion, Vacant, Enzalla, Soular Order, Kant Sleep, Phelian and more. The album design and title were …

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Soular Order Releases Ambient Single ‘Of Light’

Wednesday 3rd October //¬†Manchester-based producer and podcast presenter Jon Maynard (Soular Order), recently shared with us the ambient single ‘Of Light‘ taken from their forthcoming EP ‘From Infinity to Here’, available from Monday 8th October. As a personal idol of mine, I felt compelled to write a little about my connection with the ever-inspiring music …

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Only two days until Saorsa!

Insight Music’s landmark compilation release – ‘Saorsa’ – is only two days away! The album – released physically and digitally on Monday – will feature exclusive tracks by: Ambyion Vacant Enzalla Soular Order Faodail Eikona x Nare Subsets Cobalt Rabbit Kant Sleep Finding Hope myk. Emiliano Secchi Phelian; and Rift All tracks have been expertly …

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Stefan Baranowski is the founder and current owner of the ambient future garage record label Insight Music, established in 2011.

Insight Interview: Stefan Baranowski on ‘Saorsa’

On Monday, Insight Music will release ‘Saorsa’, an epic compilation album featuring exclusive tracks by Vacant, Enzalla, Phelian, Soular Order,¬†Cobalt Rabbit and many more. In celebration of this landmark release, we caught up with our founding member Stefan Baranowski to talk about the album and what’s on the horizon for Insight Music. Check out our …

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