Stefan Baranowski

Insight Interview: Ptr.

Tuesday 5th June // Poland resident Piotr Ostrowski has kindly agreed to speak with Insight for this edition of our Insight interviews. Ptr is a producer of chill, ambient and atmospheric electronica, influenced by the sights and sounds of mother nature. Their recent single releases include ‘Retrospection‘, ‘Two Sides‘ and ‘Blissful Moments‘, three beautifully written and …

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Stefan Baranowski is the founder and current owner of the ambient future garage record label Insight Music, established in 2011.

Insight Interview: Stefan Baranowski on ‘Saorsa’

On Monday, Insight Music will release ‘Saorsa’, an epic compilation album featuring exclusive tracks by Vacant, Enzalla, Phelian, Soular Order, Cobalt Rabbit and many more. In celebration of this landmark release, we caught up with our founding member Stefan Baranowski to talk about the album and what’s on the horizon for Insight Music. Check out our …

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