The Cryptic New Release From dogwater.exe is Revealed

Ready for something a little different? The enigmatic alias dogwater.exe presents a world of electronic disorientation.

The release is far from ordinary, but is hands down something I have never experienced before. If you’re a fan of abstract, experimental electronica, well, you’re in for a real treat. 

“This project was recovered from a mysterious box of damaged floppy disks that have been carefully restored by a team of Stanford researchers, overseen by an international panel of world renowned computer scientists. Among the audio files, the .dll’s, and the executable file, there was a single encrypted text document that could only be cracked by a disgraced CIA expat hiding behind a cryptic alias and a custom VPN. In exchange for diplomatic immunity, the file was cracked, and it read: dogwater'”

About the Album

dogwater.exe is a fresh new voice in electronic music, with a style that defies musical constraints, and in which elements are blended from an amalgamation of genres to create a sound that is uniquely “dogwater.”

Although their introduction to music production started way back in 2011 on a vintage 2004-era laptop, they have spent these years ‘refining their craft,’ as stated by dogwater.exe, who then followed up with, ‘I’m experimental at heart and I handle the beat like a surgeon; I finely tune and uncover it like a scientist.’

“I make music without any consideration for genre. It comes straight from the heart, guided by taste and instinct. I’m not trying to make music that fits into a box, it’s channeled from within. Everything that reaches your ears is an intentional artistic choice.”

Album Highlights

In my honest opinion, the whole 7-track album is a highlight. Mastered by Enyang Urbiks, who’s previous work has been highly appreciated by dogwater.exe, the album is incredibly dynamic.

It’s a truly captivating experience, frequently leaving you on the edge of your seat as a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts envelops your mind. When asked about the production of the album and their current studio setup, dogwater.exe shares:

“I make all of my music on a heavily modulated Samsung fridge with a homebrew firmware crack that allows it to run proprietary plugins on the dogwater.OS, which comes with a built-in DAW. I used weird plugins with names like Ham Delay and KneeVerb that I found in a box of old floppy disks. My personal favourite is called Potato F**k. It creates a subtle, fidgety saturation on the low end when you crank the “sloop” knob. I don’t know what sloop is, but I like how it sounds. I squeeze a lot out of a very meat and potatoes set up!”

dogwater” is a short yet immersive album, coming in at just over 14 minutes. You’ll discover some seriously cool experimental tracks throughout, such as ‘quema‘ and ‘casual_pop_song‘, which you can imagine is far from ‘casual’.

To me, the album is a mind-bending and unparalleled release, unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It features a concept that is not only cryptic and enigmatic but also remains consistent throughout the album.

I love the opening track ‘Open Archive‘, it’s simply the perfect introduction that straight away gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Half way through the album we come across ‘critical_Error#%#‘, another short and somewhat restful piece before the chaos once again returns in tracks “TurboCoreHyprGrafx3D” and “beep_boop_computers…

“dogwater.exe” has put in its 10,000 hours, dogwater.exe has been unleashed and unlocked, and I plan on continuing to explore and expand into new worlds of sound and visual art, collaborating as much as I can.”

So, in conclusion to this insanely creative release from dogwater.exe, it’s certainly worth 15 minutes of your time. In fact, I would go one step further and say that this is one of those unique releases wherein each artist has that one incredible album that marks the beginning of their career in the world of music creation.

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on 22nd March 2024 and can be streamed via Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.

You can also support dogwater.exe on Instagram, YouTube, or via their website. The artist is also part of the record label and collective ‘Eyenapple Records’ established in 2022 and based in Orlando, Florida. You can listen to their label releases via Bandcamp here.

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