‘The Metal Ridge Across The Sea’ Reviewed by Stereo Fox

Following on from their release of the ambient EP ‘Longbow’, December Trails features on Stereo Fox, a passion-driven label and creative.


Released on Monday 8th February, the ‘Longbow‘ EP from December Trails has had an extremely warm reception, featuring on promotional channels such as Opera Infinita, Underground In Me and Tall Dragon.

We’re pleased to announce that the single ‘The Metal Ridge Across The Sea‘ was recently reviewed via Stereo Fox!

“The bassline feels alive, swelling and shifting, almost sentient in its nature. Benevolent but powerful in it’s slow march forward, it pulls the track along into ever deeper water as the soundscape threatens to swallow the listener whole.” – Rob



Reviewed by UK-based producer Kori, the review goes on to say..

“Released on ambient tastemaker label Insight Music, the EP is a stunning composition from start to finish; this track in particular is an intensely moving piece.”

We’re extremely honoured and grateful to Rob and the team at Stereo Fox to have featured the single on Stereo Fox, the full review can be found here.

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