Thinnen Releases ‘Hikikomori’

B’Hikikomori’ is the title of the latest album release from Manchester-based producer Thinnen.

Featuring no percussion or vocal samples, the 10-track atmospheric release is a blessing, packed full of heartfelt harmonies and pure atmospheric emotion.


Hikikomori, noun, (in Japan) the abnormal avoidance of social contact.

November 2017 was when I first discovered Thinnen and their immersive sound. It was the single ‘Back to You‘ which featured on the sublime (and hugely iconic!) ‘Creature of Habit‘ album, released only a couple of months prior in September 2017. This was my opening, not only to the rest of the ‘Creature of Habit’ album but also their entire discography on Bandcamp, dating back to December 2012.

Fast forward to May 1st 2020 and the arrival of the utopias sounding ‘Hikikomori‘ album, a true work of art that features track-after-track of profound emotional connection. From their previous work, I knew Thinnen as an artist who produced some of the finest in big beat sounds, with their percussion work often technical and full of life.



Remove all percussion work along with the smooth sounding RnB vocal samples and you’ve arrived at ‘Hikikomori’, a 10-track conceptional masterpiece featuring the finest collection of atmospheric electronica. The album feels incredibly close to nature, almost spiritual in the way the harmonic strings and euphonious choir echo through each composition.

Take the track ‘Volition‘ for example, possibly my favourite from the album and definitely something I ever imagined hearing from the artist. ‘Volition’ breathes stillness. It’s rich with nature, incredibly compelling and demonstrates some of the finest instrument work heard within our community. It’s a fine work of art and brings complete serenity to an already captivating album.

The album is available now on all major streaming platforms as well as available for purchase via the artist’s Bandcamp page.

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