Thinnen Releases ‘Others Vol. 3’

Manchester-based producer Thinnen is back with their latest R&B infused masterclass, featuring on-point percussion, warm bass lines and melodic synth lines, this is ‘Others Vol.3’.


Never a doubt, Thinnen is one of my all-time most influential artists who never fails to disappoint, with their latest release bringing together all of what we know and love from the producer.

As one fan on Bandcamp states, “Fuzzy synth basslines, soulful R&B vocals, and the best ear for drums in electronic music – Thinnen’s records routinely offer up spellbinding experiences, and the third volume of Others is no different.”

After a few months scouring through older projects, binning stuff and creating some new bits, I’ve three albums coming up. Here’s the first one – Other Vol. 3. There’s dnb, ambient and the usual beat driven synth / hiphop inspired stuff in there. Still working on the other 2 but they’ll be ready soon enough. – Thinnen

Summed up, ‘Others Vol.3‘ is a hauntingly beautiful piece of creative soulful electronica with a legendary percussion status, a must hear album release.


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