Tom Hartney & Pensive Collaborate to Release ‘Chaser of Light’ EP

Thursday 24th May // Australian producers Tom Hartney and Pensive have teamed together to produce a fitting 4 track atmospheric EP highlighting beautifully crafted sound design, delicate piano textures and delightful field recordings. The EP titled ‘Chaser of Light’ is available to purchase through Bandcamp, with all songs written by both producers and including violaist Finn Idriss Gilfedder-Cooney on 3 of the 4 tracks.

For those looking to be inspired by the soothing sounds of gentle classical instrumentation, captured within a profound state of euphoric atmospheric bliss, ‘Chaser of Light’ certainly provides an epic and emotional journey. The final track on the EP, ‘You Are’, is a compelling and majestic finale to an already captivating record.

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