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Tondchee Releases ‘Odd Notions’

The Slovakian ambient producer Tondchee independently releases their latest drone ambient works ‘Odd Notions’ via Bandcamp, featuring all of what we have come to love from the young aspiring musician.

At just 18 years old, Tondchee has written, produced and delivered the most soothing of ambient music. From their earlier single releases such as ‘Momento Mori‘ and ‘Then So Be It‘, to their first official 7-track label release ‘Body of Water‘, we’ve been gifted pure bliss once again from the young artist.

Odd Notions‘ is a continuation of our ambient journey through the emotions of the artist, in which we are greeted by the most soothing of atmospheric electronica. The droning pads beyond reach, the echos of landscape and nature, the essence of life enriched by sound, we live on amongst the most difficult of times. The artwork represents that of the ocean, a greyscale photo encompassing all but that beyond sight, a calm, amidst all that is troubled, the stillness found within every soul longing for peace.

As I write this, I look over towards the treetops, gently swaying as the wind sweeps through the land, not a cloud in the sky. I sit, listen, write and adore everything which I can see from my window. Right now, this EP becomes the foundation of my connection with the world outside, and it can for you too.

You can support Tondchee on the following platforms: Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Spotify // Instagram


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