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Transcendent Whispers: Delving into Nil Elses’ ‘Quiet Invocations’

Artwork for 'Quiet Invocations' by Nil Elses

Where ethereal melodies and atmospheric rhythms intertwine, Chilean musician Nil Elses emerges as a captivating force with his latest offering, ‘Quiet Invocations.’

Join us as Insight Music explore the six-track EP ‘Quiet Invocations’ and share our thoughts on the sound, production and journey.

Crafted meticulously over a span of 18 months, ‘Quiet Invocations‘ acts as a transcontinental dialogue between Seattle (USA) and Santiago (Chile), weaving together ambient, cinematic, downtempo, and techno elements. The EP is the official debut release from the artist on record label LeRock Psicophonique.

Producer Nil Elses invites listeners to immerse themselves in a mesmerizing journey through the corridors of sound, where each track becomes a portal to a different dimension.

“All these songs have been revolving around for a very long time and I’m just very happy to let them go and enjoy what comes next!” – Nil Elses

Nil Elses is a Chilean music producer whose EP ‘Quiet Invocations’ was created during his time in Seattle (USA) and Santiago (Chile).

Music Review

From the very first moments of ‘Quiet Invocations,’ the EP exudes an irresistible allure, drawing us into its realm of mesmerizing soundscapes. The opening track, ‘Two Squares,’ establishes a captivating tone with its pulsating beat, arpeggiated synths, and dynamic progression. This sonic tapestry sets the stage for a transformative journey that awaits us.

Amongst these six tracks, ‘Parallel‘ emerges as a profound statement, capturing the essence of our modern existence amidst an avalanche of information. The song showcases the artist’s creativity with various sounds and techniques to create a truly dynamic composition.

“As an artist who aims to produce music that blends experimental sounds with a danceable beat, I imagine that people might listen to my music in very different settings. Whether it’s a late-night club or something more intimate.” – Nil Elses interview with Secret Eclectic

While ‘Parallel’ undoubtedly shines as a standout composition, it is not the sole gem within this EP. Personally, my favourite here is ‘Sun Effect,’ a captivating and dark single that serves as a moody conclusion. Its atmospheric composition envelopes us in a haunting embrace. Heavily distorted sounds and a poignant outro starkly bring us back to reality, leaving us longing for more as the EP concludes abruptly, yet purposefully. With ‘Quiet Invocations,’ the artist unveils a sonic testament, an enchanting fusion of dance, electronic, and post-rock together in a breathtaking EP.

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on 9th June 2023 and is available to stream on Spotify. You can support Nil Elses by following them on the following social channels: Instagram and Twitter.

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