Unraveling the Enigma and Sudden Disappearance of TYMELAPSE

Gone but never forgotten. This post ventures into the mystery of Swedish composer and producer TYMELAPSE, and how their genre defining single “We Became Strangers” will forever live on.

It still surprises to this day, although I’ve seen it happen repeatedly over the past several years. An artist comes along, releases incredibly immersive and captivating music, and then vanishes, sometimes taken their music with them, whilst others leave behind their ghostly remains.

Today I rediscover the unforgettable single “We Became Strangers” from TYMELAPSE, sharing the personal thoughts of community members and what makes this single the most captivating single in ambient music.

Why Can’t We Forget This Single?

Released over 9 years ago in late 2015, the single captivated its audience. It’s an immersive, instrumental and emotional journey of calming atmospheric waves that soften are anxieties. It’s simple, yet sincerely complex. It’s thought provoking, whilst at the same time focusing our emotions on the present.

During its seven minutes, it captures imaginations, soothes souls and transcends time. One could argue that “We Became Strangers” is the most perfect ambient composition.

“I have spent many thousands of hours immersed in ambient music. It has been the largest part of my life thus far. This song is truly my favourite piece of ambient work. This is the only piece of atmospheric music that I have found that only sweetens with time, no matter the stage of life I’m in. Many songs will take over my life but fade away as the seasons change. That has never happened and will never happen with this track. Absolutely superb.” – Taylormade

The fact that the single can not be found on major streaming platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify, expresses a vital message.

The music should be heard where emotions can be publicly shared. Across Soundcloud and YouTube, there are no end of uploads that share feelings or memories from listeners, all of who have been immersed and captured by the music.

Maybe this was their message all along. No matter where we find ourselves, we are not alone.

What It Means To Us

The enigmatic character of the artist along with the composition title often allows listeners to share their thoughts and own personal experiences about the piece.

“I can’t even explain the intense emotions this brought out of me. I feel like my spirit is crying, like I’m on the verge of breaking down, yet my eyes and lips aren’t moving. I’m still and calm, yet aching to break free. I’m at a loss of words for this one. It’s so special.” – shaym4306, YouTube

At times, listeners stress their longing for the past, as feelings of nostalgia creep in.

“I don’t know what it is but these synths – the deep, wavey and soundscapy chords always make me feel sick with nostalgia… I love it” – jimbobwolfboy09, YouTube

Whilst others relive heartbreak, but feel relief when listening to the music.

“It feels like I can barely breathe when I listen to this. I inhale the emotions of a breakup I went through months ago and exhale a welcome sigh of relief this song seems to inhibit.” – iyahlover1, YouTube

The Legacy

In June 2018, their last solo work, the “Vast” EP, was released on Bandcamp. It marked a departure from the soothing tones of “We Became Strangers,” instead embracing an ominous, almost unsettling industrial soundscape.

As the final track of the EP fades out, the journey of TYMELAPSE reaches a cryptic conclusion.

Maybe the EP came as their final statement in the realm of sound design, particularly for video games. I’ve attempted to reach out to the artist on multiple occasions without success. It would bring peace of mind to know they are doing well.

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