Unveiling Moumita’s Mesmerising Music Video: ‘NGL’

The artwork for 'NGL' by Moumita Khondaker

Get ready to be captivated by the multi-talented artist, Moumita Khondaker, as she takes the music world by storm with her latest release, ‘NGL’.

Moumita’s versatility as an actress, singer, and influencer shines through in this mesmerising music video, making it a must-watch for music enthusiasts. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the intriguing world of Moumita and explore the enchanting details of her music video.

Meet Moumita Khondaker

Moumita Khondaker is a name that resonates across various artistic platforms. She’s not just a singer/songwriter, she’s also a renowned model and actress, real estate agent in both New York and California, social media influencer, and an advocate for education.

But it’s Moumita’s commitment to education that sets her apart. Her passion for education led her to become an academic coach and online tutor, in which she helps students thrive in their studies. Whilst a former student on NYU, Moumita’s focus now lies in pursuing diverse interests and career paths.

It’s this dedication to helping others succeed that highlights Moumita’s passion for empowering the next generation.

Moumita’s acting talent is recognised on IMDb, with notable work in the film ‘Betrayed’ released in 2021. Her talent for effortlessly shifting between acting and music underscores her versatility as an artist.


‘NGL’, A Musical Masterpiece

Now, let’s talk about the main attraction – Moumita’s single, ‘NGL‘. Produced by Larry Contreras, this captivating track is a testament to her formidable talent as both a singer and performer. Here’s what makes ‘NGL’ stand out:

  1. Infectious Beats: ‘NGL’ boasts a deep bassline that resonates throughout the track, drawing influences from genres like breakbeat, trap, and wave music. The pulsating rhythm is bound to get you grooving from the very first beat.
  2. Atmospheric Brilliance: The single’s instrumentation creates an atmospheric blend that adds depth and dimension to the music. It weaves in and out seamlessly, perfectly complementing Moumita’s energetic on-screen choreography.

Directed by the talented Terrance Daye, the music video for ‘NGL’ is a visual masterpiece that transports viewers to stunning sand dunes. The video showcases breathtaking transitions from morning to night, each frame beautifully capturing Moumita’s choreography. The combination of striking visuals and Moumita’s mesmerising performance makes this video a true work of art.

Moumita Khondaker is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment, and ‘NGL’ is a testament to her artistic prowess. From her diverse talents to her dedication to education and her mesmerising music video, Moumita is an artist who deserves recognition.

Release Date and Streaming

The single released on 6th October 2023 and can be streamed via Spotify here.

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