Vanyashi Releases Ambient EP ‘Sharing Light’

Discovering new music is an honour, a blessing which has gifted me with the most creative of musical fusion. Today we share with you the 4-track ambient soundscape EP ‘Sharing Light’ by Norweigian composer Vanyashi.

A greeting from the artist and a link to their latest EP release ‘Sharing Light‘ was all that was needed for me to fall in love with this stunning ambient release. The soothing sounds of delicate piano combined with heartfelt pads and harmonious vocals make this a truly beautiful piece of music to relax to.

Vanyashi has produced an EP that calms the soul and demonstrates the healing power of ambient music. The music is heaven-sent, it captures your imagination and allows your racing mind to rest, the true definition of easy-listening.

You can purchase the EP via Bandcamp for 45 NOK (£3.40, €3.90, $4.20) and support the artist by sharing their work on social. For fans of early Owsey, you’ll really enjoy this EP.

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