VonnBoyd Release ‘Apollo’

Residing in the state of Virginia, 23 year-old future-garage producer VonnBoyd recently self-released the 7-track album ‘Apollo‘, featuring Russian producer Spaceouters on track 2 ‘Voyage‘.

“I’m constantly reminiscing about the experiences of my life.” mentioned VonnyBoyd. “I can feel the emotion of those past experiences 24/7. I can feel the wind on my face, the sand on my feet, the emotions I was feeling at that certain moment in time, and a long with it comes tones and melodies, rhythm and movement. I try to immerse myself in sounds that make me feel a certain vibe.”

“Future Garage definitely captures every essence of emotion and stimulates feelings of deep emotion. Whether that’s love, hate, anger, happiness, etc. When making this album I was using this music as a drug to cope with not using any others. All of these songs come from a happier, much more lovable place, and mindset then I was in a couple months prior to beginning this album.”

“Listening to my music is a way of capturing a glimpse of what it’s like to live in my world. What it’s like to feel what I feel, and see what I see. It’s hard to put my thoughts and feelings into worlds so I am extremely grateful to be apart of a movement where we turn dreams, memories, and soul into sound!”

VonnBoyd has a catalogue of work available for streaming via their Bandcamp page, stretching back to their earliest public release Beat Tape, Vol 1 released September 2017. Enjoy the latest offering from the artist on all major streaming platforms.

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