Warmth Releases ‘The Darkest Place’

Available to stream or download on bandcamp, Spanish ambient producer Warmth presents a 9 track album that captures mind and body.


As one deeply involved in the world of ambient music and soundscapes, I believe this album, as well as Warmth himself, perfectly display how impactful ambient music can be.

What should you expect?

The Darkest Place‘ is certainly an apt name for this album. Darkness gives a unique sense of focus. This album encourages us to close our eyes and take in more of what we hear and feel, instead of see. As the album opens with ‘No Stars Tonight’ we already are in the mindset of an empty sky, darkness. The rain sounds as if it falls all around us as the atmosphere begins to fade in and surround us further, and the small textures take shape to give life to the world Warmth is forming for us.


Available now – Photography by Alexander Kopatz


Each track builds itself off of the unique and beautiful pads and atmospheres that make their foundation. The use of a firm sub-bass line is added in several tracks such as ‘Inpour’ and ‘Everything Burns’, hidden below the rest, driving the progression. The small details in crackles from a distant storm, subdued plucks on a stringed instrument, or the echoing keys of a piano flavour each piece to its own specific taste.

However, as beautiful as each specific track is, the masterful design of each atmosphere creates the underlying emotions which connect the album into a coherent piece. This is why my favourite piece is track number 9, ‘The Darkest Place (Continuous)’. While this is a 30 minute track of each piece flowing without pause, it shows the¬†reality of the album being one singular work of art. The emotion of the album is one evolving piece that I think all of us should make time to experience with no interruption.

Where to Stream/Purchase.

Available for purchase on limited edition CD and vinyl formats via the Bandcamp link below.

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