Xposure: Illuminating the Path of Musical Discovery

Montreal-based start-up Xposure emerges as the industries guiding light, leading both aspiring musicians and curious listeners to a new frontier in the music industry.

With their innovative platform, Xposure beckons artists to unveil their sonic creations to a host of industry insiders, offering a transformative gateway into the realm of discovery and growth.

Xposure Music, a dynamic startup in the realm of music development, sets out to empower emerging musicians by offering them invaluable feedback from industry experts.

Established in 2021, the company initially unveiled a limited-release version of its visionary service in July. However, with its resounding success, Xposure has now opened its doors to artists far and wide, igniting a beacon of opportunity for all who seek to share their artistic prowess with the world.

Although it may not be the initial platform to link artists with music executives, Xposure stands out by emphasising the unique and personalised encounter.

“We wanted to compress what might take months of outreach or thousands of dollars to get to the right place at the right time, into an engaging interaction for artists and pros. We want to help people find that breakout moment.” – Gregory Walfish, Founder of Xposure Music

Xposure uses a innovative platform that engages with emerging talent

The Xposure Platform – How Does it Work?

Musicians have the opportunity to become members of the platform and present their music to a wide range of professionals within the industry. They then have the option to invest in written or video evaluations, as well as engage in live discussions with executives. Alternatively, they can choose to submit their music for free, with no guaranteed response.

This system assists artists in effectively managing their time and finances when it comes to reaching out and promoting themselves. Moreover, it aids executives in efficiently organizing music submissions using specific filters like genre, audience engagement, streaming numbers, distinction between songs and beats, and whether the tracks have been released or are still unreleased.

Here are the five simple steps to receing feedback on Xposure Music:

1. Create an Account
Sign up & setup your free Xposure Music profile.
2. Select a Music Pro
Find which Music Pro best fit your needs.
3. Pick a Feedback Type
Music Pros offer video, audio & written feedback or 1:1 video calls.
4. Send Your Music
Personalize your request and get guaranteed feedback.
5. Get Actionable Feedback
Grow your career and skills through the Music Pros help.

Xposure also have a fantastic website blog, that is host to a selection of fantastic content on artist interviews, music business, artist development and much more.

“It’s so rewarding to witness the positive interactions happening on the platform already. We’re truly building the future of music industry access, and there’s nothing more exciting than seeing these connections take place in our Xposure ecosystem.” – Ryan Garber, Founder of Xposure Music

Sign up to Xposure for free via tapping their logo above


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