Yuutsu Releases 13 Track Album ‘Void’

Thursday 5th July // Vancouver based musician and filmmaker Yuutsu dropped their latest album ‘Void‘ on Bandcamp last week, a collection of 13 atmospheric Lo-Fi tracks featuring lush rhythm and sound design. We were able to speak with Yuutsu about his latest album release and find out a little more about his background, here’s what he had to say.

“I started producing electronic music around 6 years ago under a different alias and just started up this new project about a year ago after falling in love with the lofi sound. “Void” came from a really dark time in my life where I was feeling extremely isolated and lost. Producing these tracks was my form of therapy and it was the only way that I could make sense of the dark thoughts in my head during the time. I started falling deeper and deeper into this empty pit over the course of the album but slowly overcame those negative feelings and emotions in the end. I tried to create a lush, and dreamy atmosphere throughout the album. It was a world that I created for myself where I felt comfortable and hopeful outside of real life.”

You can support the artist by downloading a copy of the album via their Bandcamp store here or following the artist on Soundcloud here.

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