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Exploring Future Garage: The Sound of Insight Music

The artwork for the 2017 future garage EP release "Grey Unknown" by producers Ambyion & Phelian.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, future garage stands out as a genre that marries the rhythmic intricacies of UK garage with the atmospheric depth of ambient and lo-fi sounds. From its inception in the mid-2000s to its current status as a genre beloved by fans worldwide, future garage continues to push boundaries and inspire listeners with its emotive, introspective soundscapes.

As a record label dedicated to ambient, chillstep, and future garage music, Insight Music has been at the forefront of this genre’s growth. Our roster of talented artists consistently delivers tracks that not only embody the essence of these genres but also push it into new and exciting territories. Join us as we delve into the world of future garage, exploring its origins, key characteristics, and the incredible artists who are shaping its future.

Our “Night Drive” Spotify playlist is a great place to discover the latest in future garage music as well as remembering the classics.

What is Future Garage?

Origins and Evolution

Future garage is an electronic music genre that emerged from the UK garage scene. It incorporates influences from 2-step garage and grime, leading to a distinct off-kilter rhythmic style. Characterised by pitched vocal chops, warm filtered reese basses, dark atmospheres, and vinyl crackle, the genre offers a unique listening experience.

The tempo typically ranges between 130 to 140 bpm, although it can vary. The genre was coined by Whistla and gained recognition with the establishment of the Future Garage Forum in November 2009.

From its iconic artwork to Burial’s enigmatic persona, ‘Untrue’ is an album that has not only left an indelible mark on music but has also influenced a generation of beat makers and samplers.

“Untrue” is the second studio album by British electronic music producer Burial, released on 5th November 2007 by Hyperdub.

How to Make Future Garage

Key Characteristics

Coined as a return to UK garage & 2step, future garage is known for its “futuristic” sound, combining elements from UK garage, dark swing, 2-step garage, and dubstep. Its drum beats often feature a four-to-the-floor or 2-step garage pattern with humanised, off-the-grid hi-hats.

The genre’s producers often employ re-pitched vocals, soft leads, subbass or square wave bass with modulating filters, creating a sound that is both introspective and mournful.

Future garage isn’t a specific sound, it’s more about bringing a future to UK garage music. Check out this video series from Riversilvers on YouTube and how you can produce music yourself.

Insight Music’s Role in the Future Garage Scene

About Insight Music

For years I’ve admired the unique and diverse underground genres discovered on platforms such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud. However it was my introduction to artists such as Stumbleine and Owsey that really opened the door to a world of incredible music.

Since I founded Insight Music in 2011, I’ve always made it my mission to support the artists of genres I admired, in hope that my support would help grow the community and bring more ears to a somewhat niche sound.

Since adapting early on and becoming a digital-only label, we showcased new and undiscovered talent with the release of EPs, albums and compilations that have since been the backbone of the Insight Music.

“Noetica” was a special two part compilation album featuring 26 tracks within ambient, chillstep and future garage.

This also allowed me to work alongside incredible future garage producers worldwide, including Andy Leech, Lazarus Moment, Logic23, MANY MILES, Pensees, Phelian, Sibewest, Tiikk, and Vacant.

For the past 13 years, Insight Music has been dedicated to supporting and promoting the growth of ambient, chillstep and future garage wherever possible. We recently established a bustling Discord server that allows artists to share their latest releases, as well as collaborate and meet other producers.

You’ll also find free and paid sample packs, useful info on mixing and mastering techniques and interviews with artists.

Future Garage Artists

Andy Leech

Andy Leech is quickly becoming one of the most well known producers within the community, known for his atmospheric soundscapes and emotive melodies.

His work has featured on the label several times and has gained incredible support on iconic YouTube channels such as BLUME and Fluidified, as well as being the opening single to our 10th anniversary album, “X.”


Although he is now primarily known for his beautifully blissful ambient music, often categorised as dark ambient or dazecore, Antent has also been deeply involved with the future garage scene for several years.

His production style is remarkably unique, spanning genres such as atmospheric ambient, chilltrap, future bass, future garage, experimental, and dubstep. With over eight years of music releases, Antent has collaborated with artists like Øneheart, Nectry, my head is empty, and many more.

hope to see you again” by Antent is arguably their most recognised single, featuring in thousands of Instagram and TikTok videos, often featuring imagery or quotes on 90’s nostalgia.

Lazarus Moment

Over the years, Lazarus Moment has become a growing friend of Insight Music and an avid supporter of our releases. His support towards other artists and aspiring producers makes him one of the genres prominent figures.

The artist has two solo releases on the label, available on both CD and 12″ vinyl formats. They also collaborated with Phelian in 2020 on the incredibly immersive EP “Sentient Duality.


Based out in Berlin, MANY MILES is a relatively new music producer whose productions are characterised by deep basslines and intricate percussion, and often releases genres such as ambient, downtempo and future garage.

His tracks have been integral to our “Noetica” and “Liminal” compilation albums. He has also collaborated with many Insight label artists such as Logic23, Wandr, and weeyoungy.


Pensees combines ambient elements with traditional future garage rhythms, creating a sound that is both immersive and reflective. They have been releasing music for almost 10 years, and have certainly earned their place as a true producer within the genre.

Their music is a staple on our Spotify playlist “Night Drive” but also features on the compilation albums “Nine” and “X.”


Phelian has been an integral part of Insight’s journey, playing a huge part in building our foundations in releasing some of the purest, ethereal sounding future garage music.

Not only does Phelian have several releases on Insight, including collaborative projects with Ambyion and Lazarus Moment, but he’s also features on four of our compilation albums, stretching back to 2016.

His approach to music production involves a blend of atmospheric, ethereal-sounding and lo-fi influences, often infused by deep basslines similar to dubstep. His releases have resonated with fans for years, especially the iconic 2017 collaborative EP release “Grey Unknown” with Ambyion, our most streamed EP of all time.


Tiikk is a three time label artist from Belarus who has been a regular future garage producer since early 2019, and whose music is widely featured across YouTube.

Their 2021 EP release “Beyond Themselves” serves as a incredible reminder of their skill at producing atmospheric, beat-driven music with euphoric vocal melodies.


If Phelian is the foundation of Insight Music, Vacant is certainly the architect.

Known for his atmospheric and moody productions heavily inspired by late night London, Vacant has been working with Insight Music since February 2013, in which he released the 4-track debut EP “Motherland.”

His music has also appeared on several compilation albums, with their 2015 single “Serenity” being their most streamed Insight release.

Listen to Future Garage

Discover Future Garage on Spotify

Insight has two future garage inspired playlists that would be the perfect place to start and enjoy the genre. If you prefer both future garage and wave music, follow our “Night Drive” Spotify playlist. If you don’t mind exploring similar genres such as ambient, chillstep, and lofi, follow our “Insight & Chill” playlist.

Explore Future Garage on YouTube

Along with some of the YouTube great such as BLUME, Chill Music Lab, Fluidified, FOMH, TALL DRAGON, The Games We Play and more, Insight Music has also been there since the very beginning promoting new and emerging underground electronica.

We have a YouTube playlist dedicated to hour long mixes featuring ambient, chillstep and future garage music, as well as playlists dedicated to the work of Andy Leech, Phelian, Tiikk, and Vacant.

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